Robam Appliances: the Ninth-level Central Digital Platform to Start the Zero-Point Manufacturing Era

Under the background of digital economy, every "ambitious" enterprise is striving to make accurate decisions based on data, and to achieve zero distance between market and users, between R&D and users, and between manufacturing and users.
On January 8, 2021, with the theme of "Future Cooking, Digital Manufacturing", the Ninth-level Central Digital Platform and Zero-Point Manufacturing news conference of Robam Appliances was officially held. At the conference, the Ninth-level Central Digital Platform and "Zero-Point Manufacturing" model built by Robam Appliances were debuted, which successfully built a new pattern more suitable for Chinese kitchen appliance manufacturing by integrating industrial Internet and consumer Internet in a real sense based on user-centered and digital-driven business.


ig 1. The Ninth-level Central Digital Platform of Robam Appliances

The Future with Technology,

 New Benchmark for Intelligent Manufacturing

Along with the continuous landing and in-depth development of the national strategy "Made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing has not only become the main direction of transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing, but also become an important driving force of the national strategy "Made in China 2025". At the very moment of a "dual circulation" development pattern in which domestic economic cycle plays a leading role while international economic cycle remains its extension and supplement, the traditional manufacturing industry also ushers in a new transformation path with the domestic demand as the guide and intelligent manufacturing as the main line.

Post time: Jun-07-2021

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