New R-Box Combi Steam Oven from ROBAM replaces up to 20 small appliances

Countertop unit offers steam cooking, baking, grilling, air frying, breadmaking and more

ORLANDO, FL – Leading global kitchen appliance manufacturer ROBAM announces its brand-new R-Box Combi Steam Oven, a next-generation countertop unit that has the potential to replace up to 20 separate small appliances and save countertop space in the kitchen. The R-Box tackles a wide variety of food preparation and cooking functions, including three professional steam modes, two baking functions, grilling, convection, air frying, breadmaking and more.

“Today’s kitchens have become cluttered with a variety of specialized small appliances, many of which focus on just one or two cooking applications,” said Elvis Chen, ROBAM Regional Director. “This creates congestion on the countertop while individual appliances are in use, and storage challenges when it’s time to put them away. With the R-Box Combi Steam Oven, we are eager to help people declutter their kitchens while giving them a chance to be more versatile in their cooking practices.”

Mint Green

The R-Box Combi Steam Oven from ROBAM is a next-generation countertop unit with the potential to replace up to 20 separate small appliances.[FEATURED COLOR: Mint Green]

Sea Salt Blue

The R-Box Combi Steam Oven is available in three colors: Garnet Red, Mint Green and Sea Salt Blue. [FEATURED COLOR: Sea Salt Blue]

The R-Box Combi Steam Oven utilizes Professional Vortex Cyclone technology, powered by a dual-speed motor and double-ring heating tube, to create stable temperatures and ensure that food is heated evenly while retaining nutrients. In addition to standalone functions, such as baking and grilling, the appliance offers powerful multi-stage capabilities as well, such as Steam Baking and Steam Roasting, to provide home cooks with more precise control over the cooking process. In addition to its more conventional cooking functions, the unit’s additional modes include Ferment, Clean, Sterilize, Defrost, Warm, Dry and Descale.

The R-Box Combi Steam Oven features an ergonomic design and 20-degree tilt display, so there’s no need to bend down to use the controls. Its forward-facing cooling technology ensures that overhanging cabinets will not be exposed to moisture and excess steam. It comes pre-loaded with 30 chef-tested smart recipes and is available in three designer colors: Mint Green, Sea Salt Blue and Garnet Red.

Additional Features

• The R-Box Combi Steam Oven offers up to 70 minutes of steam and three distinct steam modes: Low (185º F), Regular (210º F) and High (300º F)

• Air frying mode uses high speed, high temperature air circulation of 2,000 rpm to separate grease while locking in moisture, so foods are crispy on the outside and still juicy within
• From lowest to highest, the unit is capable of achieving temperatures between 95-445º F

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Founded in 1979, ROBAM is known around the world for its high-end kitchen appliances and ranks #1 in global sales for both built-in cooktops and range hoods. From integrating state-of-the-art Field-Oriented Control (FOC) technology and hands-free control options, to embodying an entirely new design aesthetic for the kitchen that doesn’t hold back on functionality, ROBAM’s suite of professional kitchen appliances offer the perfect combination of power and prestige. For more information, visit

Post time: Feb-26-2022

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