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Multi-dimension baking
accurate temperature control, more tasty
3 layer of Isolation door and Dual duct heat dissipation system



  • Humanized design

      • Easy to clean system, clean and manage the newly upgraded enamel liner more conveniently, fine and smooth, pure and clean, clean up more easily. Easy to remove shelf design, can be disassembled assembly, better cleaning; easy to clean baking pipe design, the upper baking pipe can be directly pulled down to clean, improve the efficiency of baking pipe, extend the service life of baking pipe.
      • Visual cooking, real-time understanding of cooking dynamics, food cooking process at the bottom of the eye, at any time, lighting food fresh delicious
      • Eight baking modes: Quick Heating, Air Baking, baking, Fan baking, bottom heating, bbq, strong baking, (EXP) double temperature control, eight baking mode let you choose at will, Western, Chinese food and other cooking needs, one-click.
  • Fashionable Appearance

      • Black style, stainless knob, neat and simple.
      • Glass panel designed for simple cleaning and easy wipe.
      • Intellectual touch key.
  • Product Safety

      • Special Cooling Cycle Technology: BOSS 1 °C fine baking has more perfect cooling technology than ordinary oven, built-in top fan + front radiator combination, through the high-speed rotation of the top fan to dissipate excess heat from the front outlet, the utility model can discharge the residual heat in the shortest time in the baking process of the oven, ensure the baking safety and improve the baking efficiency.
      • Three layers of insulation: R305 door plate with three layers of safe low-temperature glass. That is, a layer of toughened glass + 2 layers of LOW-E glass, with an outer layer of toughened glass, a middle layer and an inner layer of LOW-E glass (compared to a lower radiation coating on the toughened glass, which provides better insulation) , which not only easily locks in the heat inside the oven during baking, moreover, the utility model can reduce the temperature of the door plate of the oven, completely eliminate the situation of being scalded in the baking process, and is safer and more convenient.
  • Core Technology

      • Upper and lower temperature control: Boss 1 °C fine baked internal creative division of the upper and lower temperature range, each range can independently control their temperature, up and down the highest temperature difference up to 30 °C. For each part of the dish to release the perfect flavour at the right baking temperature.
      • Double temperature detector: built-in upper and lower temperature detector, compared with ordinary oven, temperature control accuracy more than twice, accurate temperature control, more delicious.

Technical Parameter

Rated voltage 220-240V~
Rated frequecy 50Hz
Rated Power 2400W
Dimensions 595×455×520(mm)
Dimensions of the hole for full insertion 600x600x565(mm)
Dimensions of the hole for semi-insertion 560×450×550(mm)
Capacity 40L
Net weight 34.5kg


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