• 700mm side suction range hood A651
  • 700mm side suction range hood A651
  • 700mm side suction range hood A651
  • 700mm side suction range hood A651
  • 700mm side suction range hood A651
  • 700mm side suction range hood A651

 700mm small easy matching size
 1020m³/h powerful suction,remove fume and odour quickly.
 Special but fashionable side suction appearance
 Multi-speed air volume for different cooking

      • Multi-speed air volume and large suction
      • Clean and remove fume, cooking with fresh air
      • ROBAM powerful suction range hood A651
      • especially customized for Vietnamese kitchens
  • Four major designs adapt to local conditions

    Solving the problem of cooking fume in Vietnamese kitchens
      • Small size side suction
      • Change of air in one minute
      • Heat and humidity removal
      • Exhaust smoke quickly and bring lasting fresh air
  • The severe hazards of oil fume that you never imagine

      • Influence cooking
        The rising oil fume blocks the sight and disturbs the cooking operation
      • Hurt the skin
        Oily fume adheres to the skin, and the skin turns yellow over time
      • Breathe difficultly
        Oil fume enters the lungs, affecting breathing and susceptible to lung diseases
  • 1020m3/h large suction power to eliminate smoke smell, breathe freely, enjoy healthy cooking

      • ROBAM spare no effort to solve the hazards of cooking fume. A651 with high suction power is customized for Vietnamese kitchens. The strong smoke smell can be quickly exhausted at 1020m2/h. No matter you are steaming or stir-frying, there is no snuff smell.Finally Improve the air quality and make you breathe freely at any time
  • 700 mm easy matching size

    No installation trouble in different kitchens
      • For a range hood,both the suction power and size are important. ROBAM investigated the Vietnamese kitchens and designed a 700mm universal size for A651 according to the cabinet structure of most families, which is worry-free for different kitchens
  • Innovative design of side suction appearance

    More exquisite and beautiful than common range hoods
      • The common range hood mostly adopts the flat type appearance design, while ROBAM A651 has a unique side suction design. The side suction lines are steady, and the black with silver color scheme is high-end. The unique range hood shape makes your kitchen more gorgeous.
  • Humanized design details

    Easy to clean and take care of the range hood
      • ROBAM knows better of oil fume
      • The three humanized designs leaves no smoke and joyful life after cooking
      • It’s easy to clean, and return kitchen a clean room
      • 1)Super large oil cup
      • Reduce cleaning times and refuse to pour at each meal
      • 2)Glass panel
      • It is easy to clean it as ever.
      • 3)Delayed shutdown
      • One minute delay to clean and sweep the remaining smoke in the kitchen
      • There is no borders for powerful suction, ROBAM removes smoke and odor thoroughly
      • ROBAM brings large suction range hood A651 to Vietnam
      • Create a refreshing kitchen for various cooking

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxDxH) ( 700x358x500 ) mm
Noise Level ≤ 53dB(A)
Maximum Static Pressure 400Pa
Motor Power 218w
Grease Separation Rate ≥ 91%
Net Weight of Unit 18kg


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